Do you love travelling? Do you have a passion to travel? Do you have several destinations in “to-go” list? Well if this is the case, then stick around because I have something of your interest to share with you.

Travelling is something that we all do, but only a few of us love travelling. Others are sick of it. They do not enjoy travelling rather they try to reach their destination quickly. Since I am a traveler, I love travelling, so I am writing this specific article for all the travelers out there.

Must for travel

Here is a list of a few very important as well as major things that you will need to maintain or you must do before going to a place for the very first time. I mean, these are the tips for travelers.

1- Maintain a diary where you must write all the important things, places, dates, places where you have been, interesting facts and figures, findings, unusual visits and everything that is related to traveling. Although this is not important, but I recommend you must keep a diary with you when you move. Just note down all the important things during your visits. Why I am saying you to maintain a diary? Because I have been to several different countries, and now when I look back. I remember too little. I have too little to share with others. The memories are fading away. Do not let this happen to you. Your diary will help you to remind and refresh all those healthy moments a few years later.

2- Join a few online travel communities. Make friends having the same hobby. Stay in touch with your travelling buddies. Keep sending them travel gifts. This will help you a lot. If you will stay connected to your friends, communities and people having same hobby, you will learn a lot. You will come to know about interesting and worth visiting places where your buddy has been. Or your friend might warn you not to visit a specific place because it is not as good as it seems to be. So keep your social circle alive as much as you can.

3- When going to a city, country or any place for the very first time and you have no idea about the country, it is strongly recommended to do as much research as you can. Collect information. Contact your friends who have been there. I have seen several people who go to places in off-season. Collect all the mandatory information about the climate, best time to travel, best hotel to stay, best places to visit, famous festivals, when to visit and much more.

4- When you visit a country or city, buy something. Every place in the world has a specialty – I believe. So try to get hands on to that special thing. If it’s something you can buy, buy it. If it’s something you can take a picture of, take a snap. If it’s something you can record, record it. I mean, do anything you can do to collect memories. And yes, do not forget to buy travel gifts for your friends.

Source by Sabih Javed