There are thousands of people travelling between Malaysia (like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca) and Singapore every day. How are these people buy their express bus ticket? Most of the current practice is they will go to the bus companies counter and purchase their ticket. During peak season, most of the tickets are sold out within hours and for those who miss this period, will likely to end up with no ticket.

Most of the counters in Singapore is located at Golden Mile Complex, while in Malaysia for example in the state of Kuala Lumpur, most of the counters will be located at temporary bus station at Bukit Jalil Sports Complex. However, nowadays, most of the customer prefer to purchase the ticket online rather than going down to the counters and purchase their ticket. Hence, many coach/bus companies has started selling their coach/bus ticket online because of this trend of customer buying their tickets online has already started to increase in recent years. Below are the six benefits to the customer who buy their ticket online.

1. Saving your time of travelling to the counter twice (to avoid the traffic jam especially in the city like Kuala Lumpur)
2. Saving your money (transportation cost) from travelling to the counter twice
3. Real time booking where you can choose the seat that you want on the spot. (where you can avoid being assigned to sit on the last row of the bus)
4. No queue for buying bus ticket
5. Convenient of using credit card
6. Buy your ticket now, pay your ticket money later by using credit card

These six benefits listed above has actually gained a lot of recognition from the customer. So, for all travellers who wish to go to the counter and purchase ticket, you are encouraged to read this article and think twice before you go down to the counter to buy your ticket. With this, I wish all the travellers between Singapore and Malaysia taking express buses to have an enjoyable trip.

Source by Hon Ve Yee