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Why Vacations Are Healthy: Health Benefits Of Travel

It seems like the weekend just flew by; it’s Monday and you still feel exhausted as you drag yourself out of bed. The looming possibility of losing enthusiasm for your job, hobbies and social life is a pressing concern. Why vacations are healthy: health benefits of travel have been well-known ever since folks developed an […]

How To Pack Well For A Cruise Holiday

Travelling is so much fun, and especially if you are heading for a cruise journey then the excitement level is much higher as you just want to get the best out of your adventure tour! Speaking of cruising, if you are a newbie and it’s your first time on a cruise then just keep one […]

South African Northern Cape Travel Tips

The Northern Cape is the largest of South Africa’s provinces and the most sparsely populated. Despite this, the Northern Cape has plenty to offer visitors, whether their interests lie in the origins of the diamond industry, the Anglo-Boer War, wildlife, the brilliant spring flowers of Namaqualand, canoeing on the mighty Orange River or enjoying the […]

Top 5 Tips For Car Travel With Your Boston Terrier

One of the challenges of dog-ownership is traveling with your doggy companion. There are issues when traveling with any breed, but Boston Terriers come with their own set of special needs that need to be addressed when taking long road trips. There are many methods, many tools, methods and techniques used to manage traveling by […]

How to Start Your Travel Journal

Writing a travel journal can be a fun experience. You will be jotting down everything from your travels around the world and creating a memorabilia of sorts. After a few years, the journal will be like a fountain of nostalgia for you. So, if you have been planning to begin a travel journal for quite […]

How to Make Use of Travel Agents to Help Plan Your Trip

There are many advantages of planning vacation with a travel agent. Travel agents are experienced not only with destination but also with all important things that must be taken care of. With their experience and exposure, you get free access to travel tips such as free holiday tips, airline travel tips, cheap airfare tips, travel […]