It seems like the weekend just flew by; it’s Monday and you still feel exhausted as you drag yourself out of bed. The looming possibility of losing enthusiasm for your job, hobbies and social life is a pressing concern.

Why vacations are healthy: health benefits of travel have been well-known ever since folks developed an interest in exploring different sights and sounds all over the globe. The travel effect: that rejuvenating, revitalizing feeling everybody working hard yearns for.

A good vacation can help you wind down completely, re-energize and reclaim your drive for creativity and motivation. Memorable travel experiences foster a lot of positive qualities in us, qualities that may have withered over time, or those that we haven’t unlocked yet.

Clearly the benefits of travelling can last a good number of years, perhaps a lifetime. Let’s a take a closer look at some of these “plus” points:

Couples travelling together generally enjoy healthier and happier relationships compared to those who don’t. Travelling together may make couples more likely to be satisfied in their relationships, enjoy better romance, and communicate well with their partners.

Curbs Stress
Travelling can have a profound effect on decreasing the likelihood of burning out due to work. Even if it’s a business trip, the fact that you’re in a different country altogether makes for a nice change of scenery. You’re away from home, your workplace, taking in a brand new environment – exactly what your system needs to get away from that square 9 to 5 routine that can lead to anxiety or generally tension related to other affairs at home. Go with a change of pace, meet new people, and enjoy the food and entertainment. You’ll come back brand new.

Venturing outdoors and breaking away from your regular habitat, be it work or home, can be as good as a good night’s rest. This alone is known to have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body and keeps it from stagnating.

The outside environment means fresher, oxygen-rich air – take in deeply all that nature has to offer. Reap benefits of the Sun, although the best way to enjoy all this is a place you haven’t been to. Make the most of it.

On the Move
Traveling will have you engaging in a lot of fun activities like whitewater rafting, sightseeing or playing beach volleyball. Unless your only objective is to lie around or relax all day (which is highly unlikely), you’re going to love the additional physical activity, like walking around during the day or evening, exploring what the vacation locale has to offer. You’re much less likely to do all this when you’re living through your regular work or office routine.

Feed your Senses
While on a vacation, one is often compelled to try out a variety of exotic foods the local cuisine has to offer. Eating in restaurants that offer different flavors and ambiances sure beats microwaving leftovers or making do with fast food; no need to worry about portions or calorie count. Enjoy indulging in diverse delicacies.

Cultural Infusion
One of the biggest benefits of travelling is getting to meet people from diverse backgrounds. Socializing with people from another culture is an excellent source of therapy and a chance to understand the values and principles they treasure.

Source by Leonard Sanford